And hey! Did you see this?

You know The Book Smugglers are my very favorite book bloggers, right?

And so naturally I was happy for them when Thea and Ana got asked to write a weekly review for Kirkus?

Well, it turns out I had an extra reason to be happy about this, though I didn’t know it at the time, because for their second Kirkus column, they wrote this list.

Which I know got mentioned in the comments below a previous post, and thanks, Michelle, you can hijack a comment thread any time for a link of that kind!

Anyway, I was particularly amused by commenter Kevin Mcveigh:

Whilst this is an interesting list, with the exception possibly of Valente, it is a predictable list . . .

Really? Well, gosh, I’m glad you think so, Kevin. I assure you I am not bored with appearing on Top Ten lists and if anybody else happens to be putting together such a list, feel free to include me on it!

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2 thoughts on “And hey! Did you see this?”

  1. Wait, the Kirkus blog has comments? [… well, interesting, not with my firefox settings, but IE showed comments. HMMPH.]

    I thought the list was remarkably varied in what was chosen – the writing and plotlines favored by the named writers are not similar. They had some of my favorites (waves at Rachel) as well as some I have tried and can see the quality of, even if they aren’t for me, and a couple I’ve only vaguely heard of. Only one would I really dispute. (Marrillier) I certainly didn’t think the list predictable, although many of the suggestions in the comments were. (like Robin Hobb.)

    BTW I recently read SCORPIO RACES after your recommendation, and loved it.

  2. Glad you loved SCORPIO RACES! But not surprised!

    I have a couple of Thea’s other picks on my wish list / TBR pile, there were a couple I hadn’t heard of (Miora Moore), and I loved DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST . . . but I haven’t loved any other Marrillier as well, unfortunately. I love her writing, but not always her stories.

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