I am so in the 21st century

Now using Twitter!

I know! But I couldn’t, or at least didn’t want to, until I could both check Twitter and use it from home, which depended on getting a smartphone, which I only did a couple weeks ago. (I am having some trouble bringing myself to use “tweet” as a verb to describe writing anything, though.)

Anyway! I noticed this article.

So amazing that anybody would do this! I mean, authors tweeting nothing but promotional announcements about their latest books to the point where people unfollow them because it gets so annoying. I don’t think of myself as especially self-effacing, but I would be embarrassed to death to do that.


Instead, I will bore people to tears with comments about my dogs, probably. That’s why I immediately followed Deb Coates. I mean, she’s an author (first book juuuust about out now) (it’s WIDE OPEN if you want to go look for it) and a client of the same agent AND she is totally into HER dogs, so I know we can be twitter buddies! If that is a term! If not, I just made up a clearly useful term that ought to exist and now does.

Actually so far I am finding that the biggest problem with twitter is you can check it so fast and easily that it is tempting to do that from your car. While waiting for a red light to change. While you are supposed to be driving because the light actually has changed. I am sure that is annoying to the people behind me and I hereby promise never to do that again. Unless it’s a really long light.

Okay! Writing, dogs, links to recipes, and all kinds of random trivia over on Twitter. YES AND I WILL LET PEOPLE KNOW WHEN MY NEXT BOOK COMES OUT (July, btw) but not the point of annoying anybody, I promise.

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