The very best part of seeing your book on the shelves . . .

Sometimes I think the BEST part of having a book actually come out is you can then be sure you are TOTALLY DONE with revisions.

From this you may gather that I have once again received editorial comments from my agent. Yes indeed.

Actually, I took a close look at the comments on BLACK DOG and I think I can do all that in precisely one day. I think it looks like several hours of work, but no more than that. Yay! However, I have been too tired to trust myself with anything that requires coherence in the evening, so I’m waiting till this weekend to actually do this.

Then, of course, I also have comments back on THE MOUNTAIN OF KEPT MEMORY, and I expect there will be a little more to do with that one, but hopefully not too much more, because I optimistically promised Caitlin I could turn it around not later than Feb 20th. Possibly I should have read over THOSE comments a little more carefully before making any rash promises, considering I also have the master gardener symposium to prepare for (I’m doing a class called Gardening To Stop Traffic and I still have a lot of work to do on it); and there’s that Cavalier party in St L where I’m going to try to win the chili cook-off again, this time with a new recipe in a new category — if my chili wins, I’ll post the recipe. And the new smart phone is a trifle distracting, I admit. It still strikes me as just weird to have a camera in your phone, which shows you how far behind modern technology I was, right?

NEVERTHELESS! By the 20th, I swear.

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