Fifty-degree weather in January is not conducive to writing!

My goal was 15 pages a day, 45 pages for the weekend. That’s nearly 50, which counts as really getting a book off the ground!

Well, hey, good thing I’m not working under a deadline, because I made only 31 pages for the whole weekend. Pretty sad if you look at it one way, but hey, I also took dogs out for long walks and started housetraining the SUPER CUTE puppies and had a long conversation with a friend I haven’t seen in a good long time. So it was a good weekend. And, you know, one of the important titbits to keep in mind when getting a new book of the ground . . . at least for me . . . is, self-imposed deadlines and page-number-per-day goals are there to give you a push, not to give you heartburn. Here’s an interesting post I happened across which hit that topic — I loved the bit about Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited (which I haven’t read, I confess). But it’s a neat story about how it was written.

Anyway! I’ll finish the current chapter over the next few days and write the next over a week or so, and that’s just fine.

Alas, they say

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