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Here is the new German edition of LORD OF THE CHANGING WINDS.

Isn’t that snazzy?

The back says, and I quote:

Scharfe Schnabel Klauen wie Dolche Blitzende Schwingen aus Bronze.

Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Then it goes on to say a lot of other stuff, equally unreadable unless you are cool enough to read German, which as you can probably gather, I do not. The only part I can read is this bit:

Erster Band der Trilogie

Which from it’s placement on the back has got to mean “the first book of a trilogy.”

Anyway, I think it’s a pretty neat cover. I like the griffin! Sort of abstractionistic wings, very nice. I like the desert, too — can you see the ruined city down there? It’s a little hard to see at this size, probably.

I even like the woman, even though no character in the book remotely resembles her. She’s got these weird sort of furry boots and what appears to be a whip, but she does look cool. I’ll look forward to seeing the covers of the other two German books, but I have no idea about the German publishing schedule, so I guess I’ll see ’em when I see ’em.

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