Wow, my life is so difficult . . .

You have no idea. First I spend an hour reading ON THE EDGE by Ilona Andrews, while sitting in the puppy room so that Adora won’t get lonely. Then when she is clearly settled, I go in the kitchen and bake cookies. After that, it’s time for all the dogs to go for a walk in our unseasonably warm weather. Then time to sit on the couch and read for a while, so that the other girls don’t think I’ve rejected them.

It’s pretty tough, you bet.

I finished the revision of MOUNTAIN! At least for now. Sent it off to my agent. That’s why I’m taking a couple of days to read for fun. Then it’ll be time to re-read the most recent comments over BLACK DOG and then I can revise that, possibly before Christmas if there’s not too much to do. I mean, I’ve got hours and hours of supervising puppies still to go, so that means hours and hours to work more or less uninterrupted on my laptop, too.

And yes, the puppies are doing fine! They just ticked over nine oz each this morning. Still smaller at six days than some newborns I’ve had, but they look great: plump and quiet and contented. I now am waking up only two or three times a night to rescue a cheeping puppy who accidentally crawled behind mom and got lost, or whatever. They should be less and less trouble and worry for the next few weeks . . . then of course more and more trouble as they hit housetraining age!

I hear the picture on the other site didn’t load? What’s up with that? Anyway, I’ll go try it again . . .

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