A great way to end the year —

THE FLOATING ISLANDS made the Kirkus list for best children’s books in 2011!

So naturally I clicked over to the list and counted. Looks like they selected 66 books, all the way from little-kid’s-picture-books to YAs like ISLANDS.

The Kirkus editor, Vicky Smith, says: “Here you will find books that will thrill, tickle, stimulate, soothe and enlighten kids from the very youngest to early teens. There are heartfelt explorations of the natural world and loving celebrations of the closeness of family, ruminative picture books and adventures to get the blood pounding. And three, count them, three novels featuring talking mice.”

Talking mice actually sound pretty neat, but what I can’t help pointing out is that, what with all those picture books, there must have been plenty of competition for the few YA slots. Quite an honor to have ISLANDS make the list!

And! ISLANDS is listed under no fewer than four categories:

Fantasy and Science Fiction
Novels with Great Boy Characters
Novels with Great Girl Characters
Adrenalin Rushes

How about that?

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4 thoughts on “A great way to end the year —”

  1. Congratulations. You deserve it. Plus there were DRAGONS-always a bonus in my opinion. (Awesome dragons, not to put in a spoiler but I loved the part where the Air Dragon did what the prince wanted).

    Sorry to ask a question you may have already talked about before, but are you planning on any sequels any time soon?

  2. Also “Great Books about the Arts” and “Outstanding Children’s Debuts of 2011,” which apparently isn’t strictly a sub-list. (Click through to the page for the book itself and it shows all the lists it appears on.)


  3. Thanks, Michelle!

    Sequels . . . um, well, probably-but-it’s-complicated. I am kinda dragging my feet, waiting to see if the sales of ISLANDS will be good enough that Knopf will ask for a sequel. If not, then I will very likely write a sequel anyway and bring it out myself. Either way, it may be a few years. I do, however, have pretty much the entire plot of a sequel in my head!

    Hi, Craig! I wonder why “Great Books About the Arts”? Must be the cooking? And technically I don’t think it’s a debut, since after all CITY came out first. But hey! If Kirkus wants to put ISLANDS on a whole bunch of sub-lists, great!

  4. Congratulations! I’ve gathered that Kirkus tends to hate everything, so a favorable notice from them is a Very Big Deal.

    (My daughter wants to know about the talking mice books. She’s also interested in a sequel to FLOATING ISLANDS.)

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