I hate revisions —

Although not as much when I actually start them as when I’m dragging my feet avoiding them.

Anyway, finally started making real progress on this latest revision this weekend. Finally. The weather was helpfully dismal all weekend, a big advantage.

So far I’ve speeded up the first chapter, moved the announcement of the Tamaristan invasion up into the very first scene, cut the first bit of the second chapter and tentatively made it into a (short!) prologue . . . if I leave it there, I guess I will have to quit claiming to hate all prologues on principle . . . the best post about prologues I know of is here.

So I guess at least I can still claim to hate BAD prologues, even if I actually use another one myself.

Also! I a keen little epiphany about how to make a tiny little change that totally explains why the Kieba choses Erest as her student. Hah!

Meanwhile, lots of detail work and streamlining. I’m TRYING to cut the third chapter, but you know what? That is not easy to do.

Hopefully I’ll still get it all done by December 1st. Even though this is a short month and contains Thanksgiving.

It’s certainly easier than joining in with NaNoWriMo, anyway.

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4 thoughts on “I hate revisions —”

  1. Do you need to have complete quiet when you revise or can you listen to music? Good luck with your revisions.

  2. Thanks!

    I almost always listen to music when writing — very quiet music. I like Enya and Celtic Women and Sarah McLachlan and things like that when writing; Nickelback is right out.

  3. Do you like Clannad? If I remember correctly I think Enya is their sister. A great group, they did the soundtrack to the Robin Hood(the one with Michael Praed). Loreena McKennitt is fantastic too. I remember hearing “The Highwayman” in a store and was instantly hooked.

  4. I LOVE Loreena MmKennitt! About the only one of hers I CAN’T listen to while writing is The Highwayman — I get caught up in the story and that’s distracting.

    But you know what? I have never listened to Clannad, that I know of. I will definitely find a cd immediately and try them out. Thanks for the suggestion!

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