Books you can’t buy yet

You know how many books are scheduled for release next spring? Lots. Seemed like everybody I talked to at the World Fantasy Convention has a book coming out next spring. (Me, too, of course!)

I tried to note down titles of the ones I most want to get, and here they are:

This is a YA — a girl gets possessed by the spirit of a samurai, and complications ensue. Doesn’t that sound cool? And isn’t the cover nice? I met Cole at Archon but her book wasn’t on Amazon yet; now it is.

A new MG story with a great cover — doesn’t that look like it would fly off the shelves into the hands of every horse-crazy fourteen-year-old girl? I really enjoyed the Magic Thief series, so I’m looking forward to this one.

Deb Coates’ first novel, I think the first of three. I met Deb last year and again this year and I’m really looking forward to reading her debut story. It’s an adult fantasy which got great blurbs from Patricia Briggs AND Sharon Shinn, so that’s promising!


Did you know R A MacAvoy has a new one scheduled for release? I had no idea. It’s not listed on Amazon yet, but really — due out sometime next spring. MacAvoy was at the WFC, which is why I know.

I loved TEA WITH THE BLACK DRAGON, I mean, there are no words! And LENS OF THE WORLD, if you’ve never read that, really, you have just got to go find a copy right this minute. MacAvoy was writing back in the eighties, I think? Not totally sure when her last book came out, but some time ago. I am so glad she’s back!

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