Like changing from formal dress into old patched jeans —

After carefully and attentively and critically reading the World Fantasy Award nominees? Reading the two most recent Sookie Stackhouse books was just so comfortable.

Good stories, good storytelling, familiar characters, plenty of action . . . just what I was in the mood for. Except doesn’t Charlaine Harris ever plan to let a romantic relationship really work out for Sookie?

If you had to pick one of her romantic partners or potential romantic partners to be The One, which would it be? Personally . . . I wouldn’t mind if she really did get together permanently with Sam.

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2 thoughts on “Like changing from formal dress into old patched jeans —”

  1. I see your point. Plus Alcide counts as a real friend, under the rule that “Friends help you move, but real friends help you move bodies.”

    But I still think Sookie’s best choice is Sam. I think she’d be best off with a guy who NEVER has to say, “Well, in order to maintain my power, I’m going to have to kill all these people.”

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