Insert happy dance here

It rained!

At last!

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2 thoughts on “Insert happy dance here”

  1. I’m glad it did. I hope Texas cools down some soon, too.

    As a lowlander Californian, though, where it is usually dry about 9 months of the year it’s odd to see desires for rain in August. It’s just not in the expectations. We get rain in late November through maybe March. Or, at least we used to, the last few years have been wetter longer, which is good for the water supply and has been bad for the local tomatoes and citrus.

    When I went out of state to college (New Mexico), experiencing four actual seasons, instead of our wet/dry pattern was something of a shock – my bedrock assumptions never really got used to it.

    That’s something writers tend not to touch on. They assume the four seasons we grow up learning about. And the discombobulation of something as “stable” as seasonal patterns changing when you move. Related – I remember someone else few years back was discussing the shock people coming to California from places like Minnesota had – they kept expecting winter and it never came.

    In Islands it may have become and issue except Trie has enough else going on and he’s not even there a year during the course of the book.

  2. Oh, well . . . we almost always get a summer drought, but it lands at an unpredictable spot between June and October. Since it always MIGHT rain, especially if Florida or TX get a hurricane, you feel pretty cheated if it in fact does not rain.

    Especially if you have cloudy days where about three raindrops fall and then it clears off again.

    You know how people used to sacrifice to rain gods? I get so mad at the lack of rain, I want to hunt the rain gods down and take putative action against them.

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