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One of the many reasons I loved ALWAYS by Nicola Griffith, besides the really great writing, is because it is primarily a romance, and yet in addition to the romance, actual stuff happens during the book.

Generally I don’t much care for romances, because if there’s nothing going on but Boy Meets Girl Boy Loses Girl Boy Gets Girl . . . well, excuse me, but boring.

In ALWAYS, there’s plenty going on. It’s just all going on around the edges.

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2 thoughts on “Just occurred to me —”

  1. Just lurking to see when your next fantasy comes out. But I couldn’t resist posting that I am an absolute romance junky after years of being a primary fa/scifi reader until I too, realized my favorite plot points were the romantic ones… but I think there’s been a good increase in urban fantasy particularly with an overarching romantic subplots plus a really good story. My current favs in said category are Patricia Briggs and ilona Andrews

  2. Oh, good taste! I totally agree: Briggs and Andrews are BY FAR my favorite paranormal writers. Great characters, great stories, and good solid writing. I can’t wait for the next Alpha & Omega book to come out, I think it’s due this fall or early next year.

    MY next book, HOUSE OF SHADOWS is due out next April. I’m really looking forward to seeing it out there, and of course I hope lots of people will be keeping an eye out for it.

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