A very nice weekend . . .

It took me two trips to carry in all the ribbons — literally. Slithery little things, hard to hang onto. My beautiful smart girls won thirty ribbons all put together!

I figured it out this morning: I had fifteen rally / obedience entries total and got twelve green qualifying ribbons, eleven colored (placement) ribbons to go with them, two NQs (nonqualifying scores) and once I pulled a girl — didn’t show her even though she was entered.

So! Check it out!

Eve (14 months)

This is the youngster, Eve. She was entered in Novice Rally all three days — she was way too excited the first day (but qualified), and did a great job the other two days because I took the time to calm her down before we went in the ring. That big ribbon is her high-in-rally-trial ribbon, which she got with a very nice score, I think 97 but I forgot to write it down. She was also in the Graduate Puppy class in the breed ring, but is really not pretty and feminine enough to win in the CKCSC, so she didn’t place. It was a big class and had some nice puppies in it, so no surprise there. She showed very well and ought to do okay in the AKC.

Kenya, 19 months

Kenya is very hard to show, such a distractable little creature! She did fine in Novice Rally the first day and finished her C-RN title, but honestly the only reason she got that high-in-trial ribbon is because I lost too many handler-error points with the more experienced girls. She didn’t do very well in the Advanced ring on Saturday and I pulled her on Sunday rather than let her practice badly. But she showed beautifully in the conformation ring, not a given for Kenya, but she was lovely and happy! Unfortunately it was a very large class and she didn’t place, although I really hoped she would and thought she might. She is very pretty, she honestly is, and I did get lots of nice comments about her from people who watched her.

Pippa, 5 years

Now, Pippa is a wonderful show dog! She doesn’t show in the breed ring, although she’s very beautiful, because she’s spayed. She finished off her CKCSC rally novice title, started her CKCSC rally advanced title, got a very well-deserved high-in-rally-trial ribbon on Sunday with a beautiful performance — luckily that was the day her breeder was watching — and finished her CKCSC CD title.

And last but not least!

Adora, 4 years

See those blue ribbons? My lovely Adora is now OFFICIALLY beautiful! She won the Special Limit Ruby class all three days AND won Best Ruby Bitch on Friday — beating out a really very nice ruby girl who got a major on Sunday, so that was really nice!

She also did great in Rally and got her first CD leg — way to go, Adora! Formal obedience is hard and this was her first time in the ring and she was wonderful! Those red second-place ribbons don’t reflect her performance, but mine: she’d have got high-in-trial at least once if I hadn’t lost her a lot of points with handler errors.

But the breed wins were a special pleasure and I’m very happy Adora got this well-deserved recognition!

WHEW! I’m taking today to decompress . . . tomorrow is soon enough to start working on the manuscript revision that’s next on my writerly schedule.

I didn’t get all the prizes in the girl’s pictures — so one more picture:

See, the theme was “My Pride And Joy”, which is the title of this painting. My girls won lots of marble tiles with this image, plus the marble canister and the clock, so I bid on the print during the silent auction and got that, too. They’ll all look very nice in my plant room. Plus! About a million stuffed toys and show leads and whatnot. Good job, puppies!

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