Busy weekend ahead!

The St Louis Cavalier Specialty! Which I bet is going to fall across the very hottest days of the year, which is kind of a tradition for the July specialty. At least we don’t have to worry about ice storms, which, as I recall, were a major concern the last time the St. Louis show fell in December. Plus it’s only an hour and half drive, not nearly as far as when the July show is set in Indy or Chicago.

I’m showing four dogs: Pippa, Adora, Kenya, and Eve. Everybody but Pippa is showing in the breed ring, all four in Rally, and Pippa and Adora in formal obedience. Plus there’s a training seminar on Friday, plus the heart and eye clinics on Saturday! Plus, friends to go out to dinner with, very important. Oh, yes, busy busy busy.

My goal is to come home with ALL of the ribbons in Rally on at least one day. Plus to have my girls qualify in formal obedience — it’ll be Adora’s first time in the formal obedience ring.

Plus I would really like to have at least one of my girls win a class in the breed ring on at least one day. The competitor has way more control over what happens in the performance rings; nothing can guarantee what the judge will do in the conformation ring.

Actually not expecting much from my graduate puppy, Eve — she has freckles on her nose, and she’s on the big side for the breed. But Kenya, if she shows well — and she is FAR from reliable, she is SUCH a little flibbertigibbet — but, as I say, IF she shows well, she is lovely and typey and has beautiful movement. And Adora is quite nice, it all depends on who else is in the ring with her and what the judges like. There are some very nice rubies showing right now and Adora went out of coat just in time for this show, alas.

So — wish me luck!

I will be taking lots of books to read, in case I find time for ’em, and NOT my laptop. Last weekend of my personal break, so I plan to enjoy it! Back to work on Monday. Well . . . Tuesday at the VERY LATEST.

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