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Got a project to finish?

Don’t start reading Marsden’s Tomorrow series.

I had trouble getting the fifth book — I ordered it, but it went astray and I had to re-order — but it finally arrived. I DID manage to finish reading through the altered sections of my manuscript first, but then I must confess I put my own manuscript aside and read the fifth, sixth, and seventh books of the Tomorrow series in one fell swoop.

Whew. At least there’s only the seven, so now I’m done.

So back to the real world tonight (so to speak) . . . with the Tomorrow series entirely out of the way, SURELY I can finish the last manuscript read-through before Monday.

I’ll comment in more detail on the Tomorrow series later. At the moment, I’ll just say that it’s brilliantly written and entirely too addictive and these books may technically be YA, but if you don’t normally read YA, don’t let that stop you. I’m going to loan this series to my Dad next, and he’s not exactly in the normal YA target audience, but I bet he loves it.

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