A tough weekend coming up —

I’m sending Bree to a new pet home on Sunday. This is one of the really tough parts about breeding dogs. She’s not just some puppy, you know! She’s three years old! But it’s not fair to ask a dog to live her whole life with just a fraction of my attention when she can be the center of attention for a whole family.

Bree should do great! And they are getting a great dog! Bree has three obedience titles — I’ve made up a loooong list of the commands she knows. I think her new people should have a great time learning how to talk to Bree. There’s nothing like training to bond a new dog to you (and bond you to a new dog) — and it’s fun when your new dog already knows how to heel and stay and take jumps and lie down with a little hand signal and so forth and so on.

But it’s going to be hard on Bree for a week or so, I know. And it’s going to be hard on me for longer than that.

Bree when she was one day old!

She’s the one on the right. Hard to believe she’s going to grow up into a real dog!

Bree at two months

Is there anything cuter than a puppy with a shoe?

One year old

Bree grew up into a solid, dependable, willing dog — easy to work with, easy to live with. She’s going to leave quite a hole in my pack for a while, no getting around it. But she is going to a local-ish family, so I should see her from time to time . . . and of course, she goes with the understanding that if she’s not happy in a couple of weeks, or if her new family EVER can’t keep her, she must come back to me.

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