End of finals week tomorrow!

Which will give me three weeks off during which I should finish my current WIP. I think!

I have 226 pages done so far, and I want it to come in at about 300 pages long, but I can tell you right now, I am going to overshoot that length. Too bad! I could in theory, if I had the ending solid in my head, and if the weather was cruddy so I was forced to stay inside, and if I didn’t have any dog shows or anything to interrupt me, write eighty pages in less than a week.

But I don’t think I have the ending THAT solid, and I expect to need more than eighty pages anyway. Plus the weather is finally warm and less wet, AND I have two dog show weekends in there, plus I am making ALL the desserts for the party my mother’s having for the choir on the last Sunday of the month . . . it’ll take every bit of those three weeks, I expect. Still! The end will be in sight the minute I sit down with my laptop and open the WIP file.

I will be having a Best-Of-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies bake-off, by the way, in which I will furnish nine kinds of chocolate chip cookies that have all won contests (not for me! I copied them from here and there, and this will be a No-Really-Which-Is-The-Best taste trial. Also, for those who don’t like chocolate chip cookies (I know at least one attendee will fall into this category) I will make a cheesecake and an apple cake and maybe these neat little marzipan-wrapped petit fours-types of mini cakes, if I have time. And maybe something light? Like a trifle? I made an orange trifle for mom on Mother’s Day and that turned out well. I’ll think about it.

A busy second spring break for me!

Then the summer session will start . . . lots of people optimistic enough to sign up for algebra classes in the eight-week summer session. Fun for all!

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