Thank God It’s Monday —

Because enough weeding for a while! And this is with Saturday being rainy and cold, so that was only one day of weeding. (Much housework during rainy days, so that’s not much of an improvement.)

Actually, if we are being honest, it was only a few hours of weeding, because it’s not like I actually spent ALL DAY outside pulling up the nasty little cold-season weeds before (or more likely after, alas) they have gone to seed. So I can’t really complain, though of course that doesn’t stop me.

Plus, the nice thing about weeding is that you can stand up and stretch and gaze admiringly at what you have wrought, because the weed-free section is beautiful.

But! Also what got done on Saturday was: I wrote that one scene at the end of Chapter Five of my newest WIP, as the last part of the ongoing revision. I had been putting this off for WEEKS. And how long did this take? Yes, of course, just an hour or two, certainly nothing worth agonizing over. Which I knew very well would be the case.

Anyway: done now. I’m taking a break until May, which is when I plan to finish this book. And by taking a break, I actually mean writing a short story that is a prequel to the werewolf (sort of! Not really werewolves!) book that Caitlin is currently shopping around. I never do short stories, but this is an exception!

Started it Sunday. Got the whole entire plot in my head, including the important dialogue (this never happens to me). Up to nearly 2000 words so far. I bet it does break 10,000 words, but I will cut as necessary because I want it to be definitely under 10,000 words and preferably about 7,500.

I have no idea what to do with it after I write it. I mean, if it’s good. (If it’s lousy, I know exactly what to do with it.) Guess Caitlin might have some notion what people who write books can do with a short story.

I’m still interested in Dan Well’s idea about a special NaShoStoMo, but I have to say, a short story every day? They better be very very very short, or else I better be writing during, say, January, because five to eight pages a day is definitely my limit on a workday.

Anyway! I’m going to finish the werewolf story, that’s first. Then the other novel, which doesn’t really have a title, sorry that makes it hard to write about, but it’s a YA for sure, that’ll be in May. Then a break, then a month of short stories (unless I loose my nerve). And then, I don’t know. An alternate Ottoman Turkey? A YA fairy tale, now that The Book Smugglers got me in the mood to try that again? Ask me about July-ish.

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