I’ve finally caught up . . .

With my Nina Kiriki Hoffman backlog. And, although I still love her, I have to confess that if I’d read A Stir of Bones, A Red Heart of Memories, and Past the Size of Dreaming first, I might not have kept going with this author.

A Stir of Bones has no real ending, A Red Heart of Memories has a real issue with deus ex machina, and Past the Size of Dreaming had important plot elements that annoyed me by appearing for no reason and disappearing again without a trace. (I am talking about the coyote, mainly.)

So, I still liked all three books, but not nearly as much as the first few of Hoffman’s I read.

I did really enjoy The Spirits That Walk in Shadow, though.

Not Catalyst very much — what, are we venturing not only into SF but also into pornography? Sorry, the ick factor was fairly high for me with that one.

I’d definitely rate A Fistful of Sky as my favorite. Lots of tropes that appeal to me and nothing I’d peg as a problem. And the thing with the bread and other baked goods was priceless!

Also just re-read the nonfiction collection of letters to and from Helene Hanff and published under the title 84 Charing Cross Road. A truly priceless little gem of a book, and I was happy to see that it’s still available via Amazon. What a pure delight from start to finish! Very short, you could read the whole thing in an hour, but very charming.

Coming up soon . . . looks like CJ Cherryh’s 12th Foreigner book is out! Yay! The big question: can she actually reach a resolution in just one more book? Or will there be yet another ‘trilogy’ coming in this massive series? I’m still delighted with the Foreigner world, so I’ll be happy if Books 13, 14, and 15 appear in due course.

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