Indy pics

So, here’s the show team from last weekend:

Pippa, Adora, and Kenya

They look startled and intrigued because I am making noises like a duck to get their attention. See all that clutter between them? That’s eight green qualifying ribbons for Rally Obedience and regular Obedience, with five colored placement ribbons to go with the green. Then Adora’s second-place red ribbons for her conformation class — Nancy Maddox’s beautiful champion ruby girl won that class both days, drat it! But my Adora was a close second, I think.

Then there’s Kenya with her blue ribbon and her trophy. Gotta call a jeweler to engrave the bowl with her name. She’ll have the tenth and last spot on that trophy.

Now, just a few more pictures of my lovely girls:


And yes, you’re right: Pippa is glamorous and lovely and INCREDIBLY photogenic and by all rights ought to be a champion in the breed ring rather than strictly in performance, but unfortunately she had pyometra when she was still quite young. She lost a litter of puppies, and had to be spayed. So that’s why I don’t show her in conformation, which is really to showcase breeding animals, see.

Okay, that’s it about the dogs for a while!

Tomorrow, a preview of the probable cover for the trade paperback Griffin Mage omnibus, coming out this fall! A very, very different cover from the mass market paperbacks, definitely meant to appeal to a different readership. Stop back in and see what you think of it!

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