I wasn’t EXACTLY counting down the days to Mockingjay.  But on the other hand, I was pretty consistently paying attention to blogs that WERE counting down the days, so I knew I should arrive home after work yesterday to find my preordered copy waiting for me.  And there it was!

Did I bathe dogs, pick apples, cook anything fancy for dinner, review the exercises Bree and Adora will need to know if I enter them in Rally Excellent at that show in two weeks?  Did I work on my very own current manuscript in progress?  Obviously silly questions!  No.  Of course I, like no doubt lots of other people, took off the entire  evening and read Mockingjay instead.

And it was great! 

I expected characters to die . . . including characters I loved.  I expected losses and blood and sweat and tears and moments of despair.  I totally expected Katniss to have a really tough time.  But I also expected, in the end, for the Capital to lie in smoking ruins and President Snow to get his.  I knew that in the end, all the struggle would prove to have been worthwhile.

And they did.  And it was.

Mockingjay was a fitting conclusion to one of the all-time great YA trilogies.

And though I ordinarily hate prologues, I love epilogues, and I’m grateful to Collins for including the one that finished off her trilogy.

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