New Book Cover!

So, this is exciting! Just got the final proofs for The Floating Islands, which is coming out next year, which is fine and good because I have plenty of time right now to work on this and I always kind of enjoy doing it and I can feel virtuously occupied without having to do, you know, real work.

But also! The cover proofs for the paperback edition of The City in the Lake arrived!

Now, the hardback cover sort of grew on me and I really do like it — here it is:

City in the Lake Hardcover

See? Evocative, and you can see what the title is about, and I like the way the cat is stepping down to the bridge. But the fact is, I always LOVED the first idea for the cover — and that is what Knopf has decided to use for hte paperback! I couldn’t be more pleased! Take a look:

City in the Lake Paperback

Isn’t that lovely?

Seeing the final proof of a new cover is always wonderful, and I’ve been really lucky — I’ve seen PLENTY of book covers I dislike and some I hate, but I really like all of mine. My favorite of the griffin covers at the moment is the one for Book 3, but I am SO outvoted — virtually everybody else I’ve asked loves the first cover the best (two of my friends vote for the simplicity of Book 2). I don’t know — I like the faintly wistful expression of the woman from Book 3. Must be something about wistfulness, because that’s a quality I see — and love — in the cover above, too.

Okay! Back to the final proofs for The Floating Islands! Last chance to catch typos and fix details I suddenly notice are all wrong . . .

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