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Still working on the stack o’ books. I read Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner, the fourth book in her series — excellent, and what a fascinating series this is if you’re interested in writing technique! I have NEVER seen anybody switch like this in one series, from first person, to third person omniscient, to third person restricted, and back to first person. And always effective choices for what the author is doing! I’m so impressed!

Plus all four are just really excellent, fun books. Wonderful characters, fast paced, unpredictable plot twists — just great books all the way around.

The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver. Well. Didn’t like it, despite the beautiful prose. Literary novels, eh?

The ultimate message seems to be that you can’t win out over the forces of ignorance, bigotry, and general stupidity. No wonder I never read mainstream or literary novels. It’ll be fine with me if no one loans me another literary novel basically ever.

You know, I hear many genre writers aspire to someday write a mainstream novel. But why?

Though I suppose not ALL mainstream and literary novels fall into a pit of existential despair.

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